Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles on private Property

ORS 98.830 states that: A person who is the owner, or in lawful possession, of private property may remove an abandoned vehicle from the property if:

1.           The person affixes a notice to the vehicle stating that the vehicle will be towed if it is not removed. The notice must remain on the vehicle for 72 hours prior to its removal.

 2.           The person notifies the local law enforcement agency of the intent to have the vehicle towed.

 3.           The person fills out and signs a letter that includes a description of the vehicle, the location the vehicle will be towed from, and a statement that the person has complied with #’s 1 and 2.

 ORS 98.835 provides immunity from civil liability for towing the abandoned vehicle if the person has, and keeps, the letter described above in #3.

 (Alternative to landlords if tenant’s property left behind is a motor vehicle)

On your letter write the date, time, vehicle description, and the location where the vehicle is located. Call your local law enforcement agency and advise them that you have tagged the vehicle.   Keep a copy of the letter you attached to the vehicle and also make a copy for the tow service. Give the tow company a copy of the letter when they pick up the vehicle after 72 hours is up.